The King of kings was to be born, not in a palace among nobles but a stable among animals. Born not to a princess or queen but a young peasant girl - of…
Imagine if you woke up on Christmas morning and proclaimed "He is Risen!"
To bury the lede (lēd) refers to hiding the most important and relevant pieces of a story within other distracting information.
Life can be troublesome, overwhelming, and lonely. But we are not left in a hopeless state. Jesus Christ gives us two promises in John 16:33.
In obedience, we turn toward Christ and proclaim His commands are good and true. Therein lies the key to our Joy. Did you catch it?
What is the source of true joy? How do we lose our joy? How do we find joy again?
In an attempt to stay au courant, don't miss the new day.
As we give glory to God, our faith grows stronger, unbelief is banished, and through exercising our faith, God fully convinces us that He is able to…
What is a human being designed to do? In other words, what is the purpose of man?
"In denying sin and evil. we unleash its worst powers" - Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcy
Recovery brings renewal and dynamism. The Bride shall shine as she looks upon the radiance of Her King.
No man amounts to much until all his faculties have been challenged...