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Dr.Jim Wilder is among the many Neuro-theoligians who define JOY as the high energy emotional response to someone being overwhelmed by the opportunity to be with me. It is always RELATIONAL... It is registered in the highest level of brain activity behind the right orbital prefrontal cortex. and unless we can develop a pathway from the lower level brain activity of the big six negative emotions...we will operate out of fear as an alternative...But here's what I find just amazing. The God who is the source of life, came to us to be in relationship with us, and the name EMMANUAL...God with us. God is not a god who we have to coddle and cajole in order toi be in His precense, He is constantly working to reveal himself to us, and LONGS to be in our precense. Go figure.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Lance.. and here's a new book for those looking to further explore this shalom/wholeness emotion of joy... https://a.co/d/dKF51rv


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